Welcome to the Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge online open house! Multnomah County is evaluating options for creating a resilient Burnside crossing that will withstand a major earthquake. At this point, the project is just wrapping-up the feasibility study that analyzed more than 100 Willamette River crossing options and recommended four options for further evaluation in the upcoming environmental review.

By participating in this open house and completing the survey questions you will have the opportunity to provide input on:

  • The project purpose and need
  • The scope of the upcoming environmental study
  • The screening process and results, and
  • The draft Feasibility Study report

Your thoughts will help shape the next phase of the Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge project.

If you want, jot down notes and questions at the bottom of the page and submit them at the "Share Your Thoughts" station.

Your input is very important! Please share your thoughts, sign-up to receive future updates about the project and stay involved.

Please also share this information with others who may be interested in the project.

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